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Company profile

Our company is engaged in food machinery research and development of the productive private enterprises,Especially in the design and manufacture of wine brewing equipment and various non-standard equipment,And many in the field。Over the years,Has the development and production the diatomite filter machine、In addition to stalk crusher grape、Fruit juice separator、Continuous press、Pneumatic press、Check the wine、Destacking machine、Rotating Taiwan sister Chinese entertainment network_Younger sister comprehensive community in Taiwan_The Taiwan guy Chinese entertainment network_Taiwan's younger sister entertainment network fermentation tank、Sharan German type still wine, such as equipment and apple crusher、Peach denucleation crusher、Belt type juice squeezer、And all kinds of filling machine、Hat heat shrink machine,Chinese style smoked machine and other products。In addition to stalk crusher of grapes、Rotate the fermentation tank、Check the wine、Won a light ministry of science and technology progress prize。In recent years,With the development of the market changes,Our company pay more attention to the tracking international advanced technology and market-oriented,To further increase the wine equipment、Processed meat and other food machinery development of new products 。Widespread adoption of new materials、The new technology、The structure of the new technology make the product performance、The degree of automation、Reliability and appearance have reached a new level。And some products exported to Europe and parts。



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